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Al-NOKHODA Company started its activity in the field of tobacco for the first time in Iran in 1970...


Dokha (Arabic: دوخة‎, "dizziness" or "vertigo") is an Arabian tobacco product, consisting of dried and finely shredded tobacco flakes mixed with herbs and spices. It originated in Iran during the 15th century.[1] Unlike hookah tobacco (also called "shisha" or "mu'assel"), dokha is not cured with molasses. Users smoke the tobacco blend in small quantities using a pipe called a Medwakh. Because the Medwakh pipe is used almost exclusively for smoking dokha, the terms are often used interchangeably.[2]

Dokha has a higher concentration of nicotine compared to other forms of tobacco,[3] and can cause brief periods of euphoria, relaxation or lightheadedness in some users.[4] As using the Medwakh also reportedly leaves less lingering smells, and requires less tobacco to be used at a time, it can be used discreetly, which has made it popular among student populations and young adults

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A medwakh, also spelled medwakh, is a small smoking pipe of Arabian origin, in which dokha, a sifted Iranian tobacco product mixed with aromatic leaf and bark herbs, is smoked. The bowl of a Medwakhh pipe is typically smaller than that of a traditional western tobacco pipe. It is usually loaded by dipping the bowl into a container of dokha flakes.

Medwakh are primarily produced in the United Arab Emirates, and are especially popular in Abu Dhabi and iran. All kinds of that are wood, Metal Or a combination of metal and wood, glass and plastic which are available in the market. The main production of Al-Nokhodeh Company is very high quality wood pipes that are produced from the best type of wood.

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